The Ming Award is named in honor of ceramic icon, Mrs. Chen Sui-Ming, fondly known as “Ming” in the ceramics industry.  An accomplished artist, ceramist, and teacher of ceramics, Ming ran her own studio on Long Island, New York, then later in Folsom, California, for many decades. Click here to read more

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 The MING is presented at Exhibitors Association Shows only

2010 Ft Worth 2011 Ft Worth 2011 Denver 2011 Phoenix 2011 Enumclaw 2012 Phoenix 2012 Enumclaw 2012 Ft Worth

Ming Award Winners Gallery

2012 Denver 2013 Phoenix 2013 Enumclaw 2013 Ft Worth 2013 Denver 2014 Phoenix 2014 Enumclaw 2014 Dallas/FW 2014 Denver
2015 Phoenix 2015 Atlanta 2015 Enumclaw 2015 Dallas/FW 2015 Denver 2016 Phoenix 2016 Atlanta 2016 Enumclaw 2016 Denver
2016 Dallas/FW 2017 Phoenix 2017 Spring DFW 2017 Atlanta 2017 Palooza
Pasco, WA
2017 Enumclaw 2017 Dallas/FW 2017 Denver 2018 Phoenix
2018 Atlanta 2018 Florida 2018 Palooza
Pasco, WA
2018 Enumclaw 2018 Denver 2019 Florida
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These images are some of my pieces.  Click on the image for the larger view.  
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Textured Vase

Turquoise Technique

Holiday Plate


Welcome to Infoceramics!

My name is Sara Cantlon and I have been working in Ceramics for over 41 years.  I am a certified teacher and CFE Licensed Associate. My proudest accomplishment is my Instructor and Judges certification with Ceramic Art Institute (CAI).  

I am on the Competitive and Judging Committee for the Exhibitors Association.  I manage the Ming Award for the competition and I am the Master classification and competitive chairperson for the DFW Fired Arts Competition and the Phoenix & Dallas ceramics shows.

I am experienced with both High and Low fire ceramics and have been since 1976.  I have taught in California, Arizona, New Mexico Utah, Oregon and Oklahoma.  The most exciting and challenging teaching for me was in Australia!

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General Definitions of Ceramic shops in THE area:

Traditional Full Service Ceramic Shop -  This type of shop SELLS,  ceramic color product from at least 2 major color manufacturers, tools, brushes, firing, greenware, bisque, slip, equipment, and classes.  Nothing is furnished for the learning process; you must purchase tools etc. for the learning process.  Product is furnished for some structured classes.  Open at least 48 hours a week, most of the time longer. Usually accessible by an internet search. 

 Contemporary Ceramic Shop - This type of shop furnishes one manufacturer’s color, brushes, glazing and firing.  The customer must purchase bisque. Glazing is done by the shop and a clear dipping glaze is used.  A fee is charged by the shop according to each shop's format.  Help is provided in some shops, others shops are not staffed for teaching.

If you are interested in learning about judging and clerking at a show please give me a call. Exhibitors Association will initiate a new certification program for future judges and clerks. The cost of the program will be discussed at the meeting.Check my web site for more information. Even if you do not want to judge, it will help anyone who owns a shop or teaches know what to tell students and customers about the guidelines of creating a competitive piece.
Examples of my work
Contact Me

NEW SHOP !!!(FORMERLY BPer's in Richardson, Tx)
THE KILN AND I ( Looking for a new location) 
Pam Fulton

Shop in Fort Worth, TX!  Serendipity Ceramics
101-B Saddle Road
Fort Worth, TX 76108
Call 817-246-6811 for information.

 Full Service Traditional Shop - Ceramic World  
 - Open on Saturdays - 
 call Mary Bell for information Ph: 940-466-3766 
13472 Pruett Rd.
Krum, Tx. 76249

M&W Ceramics - Traditional, Full Service Ceramic Shop
111 N. 9th Street
Garland, TX  75040
972-276-1881 (Open Thur - Sat)

Cheryl Farren's Firehouse Designs
Low and High Fire Ceramics
1772 County Rd 4208 (Near Greenville, TX)
Campbell , TX  75422

Trinity Ceramics
9016 Diplomacy Row
Dallas, TX  75247

Glaser Ceramics Supplies (Request Catalog)
2325 Kimarra Place
Lincoln, NE  68521

There are two Casters in the DFW area that I use.  They do not have shops. 

Barbra Postma:  972-539-2724

Dick Glockner: 214-507-5776


Dallas/Ft. Worth Fired Arts Show 2018!
Knights of Columbus
2625 S. Cooper St. Arlington, Texas
For more info call Sara Cantlon 214-968-1816 or 972-862-1087
or Booth Information call Tim Hayes 479-409-4000
Click here for information on Tim Hayes Pre-orders for molds

Sara is teaching classes and workshops at the 
Allen Senior Center
451 St. Mary Drive
Allen, TX  75002
Email or call 214-968-1816 with questions.

Links below for EA (Exhibitors Assoc)Judges Score Sheet/Entry Forms
Click here for Ceramics and Click here for Dolls
Click here for 2017 EA Judging Classifications & Categories
Email or call 214-968-1816 with questions.

I NEED YOUR HELP!  If you know where I can find the mold for this piece, please email me at


Click on links below for Photo Gallery of Past Shows:
Ft Worth 2010 Show photo gallery of winners.
Phoenix 2011 Show photo gallery of winners.
Dallas 2011 Show photo gallery of winners.
Ft Worth 2011 Show photo gallery winners.
Oregon 2011 Retreat gallery
Enumclaw, WA 2016 Show photo gallery

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